Top 10 Tuesday: The DC (Political Junkie) Edition

Hi everyone!

Thank you to The Broke and Bookish for the inspiration and for hosting “Top Ten Tuesdays” since 2010! This week’s prompt: Top Ten Websites I Love That Aren’t About Books (suggestions: favorite food/travel/craft/fitness blogs I follow, websites I visit daily, fun websites I waste a lot of time on etc.)

My post this week is dedicated to my (American) hometown: DC (REPRESENT!), where I’ve lived since moving to the US at the age of 11.


At the Fish Market, my favorite place in DC 🙂

I love the District SO much and really can’t imagine living anywhere outside maybe a 15 mile radius. DC’s got it all – our own music genre (go-go), a kick-ass fish market, a special sauce (mumbo sauce – most places don’t leave it out, but if you’re a local, you know to ask), incredible diversity (lots of El Salvadorans, Ethiopians, Koreans, Nigerians, Vietnamese, and a sprinkling of everything else, Romanian – myself – included; this spells wonders for our local cuisine), the Library of Congress, free museums everywhere you look, exciting, convoluted, and corrupt local politics rivaling even that of Baltimore (of The Wire fame)…

And we’ve also got almost complete political unity (there are 76% registered Dem voters, 6% registered Republicans in the District). This doesn’t include transients through our city (politicians and their staff), who refer to the District as “Washington” (hint: NO local ever does this – Washington is the state), and who the media loves to hate on.

dctagsBeing a punching bag for the rest of the country (“Washington is bad” meme), a colony of the United States, as well as a petri dish for all sorts of schemes those we never elected love to impose on our city*, also unites us in the sentiment expressed by our anthem, “Taxation without Representation.” (*Congress loooves to tell us how to spend our money, collected through local taxes; DC is the only place in the US where the people are not allowed to spend their own local money without approval from Congress).

monument dec 2014Most of us don’t have anything to do with politics, even those who work for the federal government (again, maligned in the press, but not bad people: scientists at NIH, researchers at the Navy Research Labs, patent examiners, custodial staff, doctors, etc). Still, many DC residents are pretty in tune with politics (local, if not national; the DC Council is something else entirely). With all the protests, press, downtown scene, local scandals, etc, political awareness is inescapable here.

.So, DC, an ode to you:

  • Top Ten Websites I Love That Aren’t About Books
  • Top Favorite Political Sites I Follow
  • Top Ten Websites I Visit Daily
  • Top Ten Fun (to me) Websites I Waste a Lot of Time On

All converge into the Top 10 Political Junkie Sites I Love/Follow/Visit Daily/Waste a Lot of Time On (the liberal DC edition).

The political-tabloid-trifecta:

  1. Politico
  2. The Hill
  3. Roll Call

The local paper:

  1. Washington Post

Wonky blogs:

  1. FiveThirtyEight
  2. SCOTUS Blog
  3. Politifact
  4. In Custodia Legis: Law Librarians of Congress

Because we like to laugh, too, especially at the politicians:

  1. The Borowitz Report: The News, Reshuffled
  2. The Onion: Politics

What are your favorite non-bookish websites that you love/waste time on/follow/visit daily?


  1. I am an uncultured Australian who’s never left the country, haha, so this post was really interesting. I haven’t heard much about DC other than all the “Washington” media stuff, so it was nice to read about it from someone who actually lives there! It seems like such a great place.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Lauren! Thank you so much for your comment and for reading 🙂 I’m pretty new to this blogging thing but this is why I’ve been loving it so much: getting to ‘meet’ such sweet people like you from all over! xx

      and ps: you are definitely not uncultured! I mean, you read books and have a book blog… that is like *the* definition of culture!! 🙂


    1. Hi Maryam! I hope you are able to visit someday 🙂

      Yay, so nice to find another book lover who also loves politics (though I’m not sure how fun these sites will be, they are all US-centric; still you may get a laugh out of the Borowitz report spoof of our politicians 🙂 )

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      1. I don’t mind the fact that they focuse on America, they’re still “fun” (at least for me haha) to read.
        For my sixteenth birthday I asked a subscription for the TIME magazine and it was one of the best birthday present ever 😀 I am not currently subscribed anymore because an issue a week was a bit much for me but I miss it now and I would like to start it again sometime soon because I miss learning things about the world (I don’t really consider TV as reliable source of information…)!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Yay so great to learn more about DC! 🙂 Also thanks.for posting these links I have some reading to do.
    I think I spent most of my non bookish reading on facebook where I kinda put together my personal news feed by by liking diverse pages and activist sites. It’s a much better way to start the day than by reading the conservative dude press 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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