Hello there! I’m Ioana (pronounced: iguana, without the g). I’m a teacher, a perpetual student, and book nerd (yes, that person who ended up teaching because she couldn’t imagine life without school). I love my students and am super-passionate about what I teach (math!).

My love-story with reading began in childhood, as these things do. Born in Romania during Ceausescu’s austerity policies of the 1980s, my earlier years were spent watching my parents surreptitiously copy books on the “black market” & discuss banned books with their friends, and teaching myself a forbidden language (English!)  using a dictionary and The Chronicles of Narnia, smuggled into the country by a friend of the family (it took a year to make it through the first book).  Readily converting to the family religion, I accepted books as my escape/refuge/openings into alternative worlds of possibilities.


I read books to learn, relax, broaden my horizons, and spark my imagination-or, sometimes, because I’m looking to be entertained or to immerse myself in a particular mood or setting. I read whatever catches my fancy at a particular moment and recently have been trying to broaden my horizons, so I’ll try anything once. That’s how Ifavoritebooks found out last year I simply love sci-fi and fantasy, a genre I had been avoiding for the duration of my adult-life.

In general, I’m quite analytic and the opposite of a romantic at heart, although I do wish to cultivate a more serene, poetic outlook – Hence, the Name of the Blog. In reading as well as in blogging books, my goal is to “re-enchant” my world and understanding – to recover that feeling of awe and inspired creativity so characteristic of childhood, to reimagine my adult-habits in light of a broader sense of unity and purpose, and to counter the mechanistic, routine modes I inhabit as a grown-person burdened by obligations, to-do lists, deadlines, and other such things.


My goal with this blog is to begin conversations with other readers, to share my enthusiasm about all things books, and to continue learning – from the process, from you, from the writing itself, and of course, from reading! I often find that the only way I am able to organize my thoughts is to shape them into some written form, and that the best way to expand on them is to partake in related discussions. I hope you will join me – I would LOVE to hear your opinions and thoughts, even if (especially if!) you don’t agree, or want to share a contrasting perspective.

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