Top Ten Tuesday – Books Every Young Woman Should Read

This week I am excited to participate in my first meme-post: thank you to The Broke and Bookish for the inspiration and for hosting “Top Ten Tuesdays” since 2010! This week’s prompt: Ten Books Every [fill-in-the-blank] Should Read.

In the spirit of the meme, I’ve titled my post Top Book Every Young Woman Should Read, but it would be more accurate to say these are the top ten books I wish I had read as a young woman (sometime between the ages of 16-21), books that opened my eyes to new dimensions of justice, experience, and possibilities for action.

Really though, if you are a young woman, you’ve had enough of people telling you what you “should” do. You should read whatever you desire and are interested in. I have only one recommendation: to expand your reading horizons and cultivate appreciation for different types of books. But, perhaps I wouldn’t have taken my own advice back then(?) I read nothing but Nancy Drew & R. L. Stine for years, and then I discovered Agatha Christie to the same effect (YA wasn’t yet a thing back in the late 1990s and early 2000, or I’m sure I would have been addicted). So do as you will. I can only hope that perhaps, one of the books below will spark your curiosity 🙂 (more…)